Crystal Nails - By Tracey
  Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to your top natural lashes using a specially developed bonding agent, which dries soft and remains flexible like your own lashes.

I use synthetic mink lashes which are soft and naturally curved.

Eyelash extensions last up to a maximum of 3 months depending on the life cycle of the individual lash and how well they are looked after. Natural lashes have a life cycle of 3 months from first growth to falling out.

Eyelash extensions enhance the appearance of your own lashes so there is no need to apply mascara. They can look nice and natural or longer and thicker to create your preferred look.

Maintenance is recommended every 2 weeks to keep them looking their best.

A Patch Test is required 48hrs before the treatment

Full Set of Top Eyelash Extensions
2 Week Maintenance
3 Week Maintenance

Flare Lashes
Last up to 1 week
A patch test is required 48hrs before the treatment
Flare Lashes
Strip Lashes
Ideal for a night out
Strip Lashes